Monday, April 23, 2012

Today I thought I would share with you another passion of mine! BLING! I love to make anything using SWAROVSKI rhinestones.
Here is a custom order TOWHITCH a very special friend had ordered for her husband birthday!
Here is the tow hitch purchased from many years ago.
Below are the Swarovski’s in their chosen color CAPRI BLUE!  
Size SS 12 foiled (2028 xilion rose cut)
Here are 1,440 pcs. 10 grosses
To complete the tow hitch it took approx. 2,520

A bit of what it looks while in the process of adding one stone at a time! J I really do enjoy doing this!

It’s completed! Awe so Beautiful!  :-)
In the sunlight

In the house, low light, notice how different it looks!
Exact same tow hitch!!!!

I always suggest to all customers to get a locking tow hitch to prevent theft! Well worth the $25 investment..
Blinged out Tow Hitches are Totally weather proof!
This is my personal Jack Skellington 5 years old!
Sorry, No sunshine today to show it's shine! In 5 years I am missing 1 stone on left side. I intensionally leave it this way to show how the weather has slighlty effected the tow hitch NOT the stones!  

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.
I can custom make anything. Please make all inquires  Attn: Custom Blinging

Thank you for stopping bye!
Crafty Hugs, Susan

Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Afternoon Friends:
Here's a bit about Color Tipping Brianna's Hair 4-09-2012
I am really trying to get into the groove here!
I want to share more with all of you what I do and what I have passion for!
So for today post I’m going to show you how I colored my daughters hair!
Most of you might not know I’ve been a professional hairdresser for 26 , its one of my many passions!

Lets’s start out with the non professional color she picked up at our local Walgreens. Normally, I don’t recommend something like this but seeing we wanted something semi-permanent and had to buy 3 different colors we couldn’t beat the price of $5.49 on clearance…

Next, you would want to bleach the tips of each section of hair..  We had already previously bleached and colored the under layers of her hair. So I went ahead  to the next step and applied three colors (Cherry pop)(Kelly’s Blue)(Sweet Ruby) in some section and two colors in others alternating  which color to start with each section. . Being extra careful not to smear colors into one another, and tri fold tinfoil as to not overlap colors. I started at furthest desired spot away from ends then added each additional desired color.

After waiting about 35-45 min rinse each section out individually if you have any other bleached hair, (and if you have any bleached hair make sure you thoroughly wet it so if any of the color drips onto to bleached hair it won’t absorb the color)… Having rinsed each section thoroughly wash all hair completely and condition. 
Here are the amazing results this morning after curling her hair.. I love the cool neat edgy look it gives to the softer curls. I love bring new looks to the everyday hairstyle!

Here is a picture of Melissa my younger daughter
 with a streak done with the colors as Brianna..

I hope you enjoyed sharing a bit of my day!!!
Happy Crafting, Susan

Friday, April 6, 2012

100 Cricut Cartridge Blog Hop

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100 Cricut Cartridge Blog Hop

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Here’s a glimpse of what I made!

I’m excited to share with you today my project made with  
Cricut’s Paper Doll Teen Scene Cartridge
And Storybook Cartridge.
To Start off today I thought you might like a look at this amazing cartridge.

For the Doll and Purse
Cut 1 of each at 7 ½”
Hair –Brown
Body- Skin Tone
For the eyes to Show- White
For the eyes – Black
Cut 2 layers of each at 7 ½”
Bangs- Brown
Shirt- Teal
Leggings, shoes, vest- Black
Cut 1  skirt at 9” ( I personally wanted the skirt covering the mid-drift so I chose to cut it larger)
You Should have these pieces

Let’s do some Inking to really make her Look Stand OUT!!!
There are two different sized skirts because I couldn’t decide which to use at the start of my project. You’ll later notice I choose the larger of the two

Now we can assembly the doll, using normal adhesive to put all pieces together.

If you notice her mid drift shows so I actually cut a skirt at 9” instead of 7 1/2”
After the use of normal adhesive I decided I really wanted a dimensional doll so I went for the use of 3m Pop Tape and added it to the backs of all remanding doll pieces.

Here she is completed :
Here is a side view.

I couldn’t find any ribbon to match for a bow for her purse so I used Theresa Scrapbook Queens Twine and inked it.  For the perfect look!!!!
AWESOME right!!!!!
For The Lettering I used Cricut Storybook Cartridge

For the Lettering and Frame
Cut shadow letters 1 time at 2 ½”
Cut the layer letters 2 times at 2 ¾”
Cut the shadow for picture at 5 ¼”
Cut the layers 2 times at 5 ¼”

Here’s what you should have: Before Inking

After Inking:

 Frame Pieces: Inked already

Now let’s add some Pop tape to the back of 2 sets of layer letters and frame layers!

Time To Put Letters And Frame Together!

The frame Pieces put together: Notice how they Look 3 D.

Remember to leave the top of frame OPEN for future Photo!

So you might think this is the finished Project
but with the way I LOVE BLING this couldn’t be done yet!
    Let’s add some BLING!

Here is my finished Project!

Crafting With this thought in Mind :
Consider keeping this piece from the center of the frame to use as a pattern for cutting your photo ! Usually I just leave it inside with the scrapbook page inside the page protector until I find the right photo!

  Guess what I found the perfect photo to complete my project! So with much pride, I present my completed project with a photo of My 13 year old Melissa Who I think is always STYLIN!!!!  

Thank you for stopping by!!! Please Enjoy the Blog Hop!

My Cricut Craft Room 100 Cartridge Hop

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello Friends:

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She will be hosting a Little Prince Party Blog Hop on March 31st and April 1st! I hope that you will join US!  You can sign up for the blog hop as well as have a chance to win blog candi!  Be inspired and see fabulous ideas for the Little Prince(s) in your lives as you hop along the way!!

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There will be blog candi at EVERY stop in this Hop, so be sure to come back March 31st and play along!

Have a Fabulous Time Hoping and Enjoy the Inspiring ideas!

Crafty Hugs Susan