Monday, April 23, 2012

Today I thought I would share with you another passion of mine! BLING! I love to make anything using SWAROVSKI rhinestones.
Here is a custom order TOWHITCH a very special friend had ordered for her husband birthday!
Here is the tow hitch purchased from many years ago.
Below are the Swarovski’s in their chosen color CAPRI BLUE!  
Size SS 12 foiled (2028 xilion rose cut)
Here are 1,440 pcs. 10 grosses
To complete the tow hitch it took approx. 2,520

A bit of what it looks while in the process of adding one stone at a time! J I really do enjoy doing this!

It’s completed! Awe so Beautiful!  :-)
In the sunlight

In the house, low light, notice how different it looks!
Exact same tow hitch!!!!

I always suggest to all customers to get a locking tow hitch to prevent theft! Well worth the $25 investment..
Blinged out Tow Hitches are Totally weather proof!
This is my personal Jack Skellington 5 years old!
Sorry, No sunshine today to show it's shine! In 5 years I am missing 1 stone on left side. I intensionally leave it this way to show how the weather has slighlty effected the tow hitch NOT the stones!  

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.
I can custom make anything. Please make all inquires  Attn: Custom Blinging

Thank you for stopping bye!
Crafty Hugs, Susan


  1. I saw you bounced to my blog so I bounced back and am a new follower of yours now too. I am impressed with the hitches and want to know what you glue to stones on with and how many hours it takes you to do one? I'm a curious creature. : )

  2. Susan I am always amazed by your versatility! Your work is so beautiful and incredible and I adore your Bubbly and larger than life personality! I am so lucky to call you not only a fellow crafter, but my friend. I <3 you!



  3. Susan that takes some PATIENCE (something I rarely have, LOL)!! But what a BEAUTIFUL end result!!