Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Afternoon Friends:
Here's a bit about Color Tipping Brianna's Hair 4-09-2012
I am really trying to get into the groove here!
I want to share more with all of you what I do and what I have passion for!
So for today post I’m going to show you how I colored my daughters hair!
Most of you might not know I’ve been a professional hairdresser for 26 , its one of my many passions!

Lets’s start out with the non professional color she picked up at our local Walgreens. Normally, I don’t recommend something like this but seeing we wanted something semi-permanent and had to buy 3 different colors we couldn’t beat the price of $5.49 on clearance…

Next, you would want to bleach the tips of each section of hair..  We had already previously bleached and colored the under layers of her hair. So I went ahead  to the next step and applied three colors (Cherry pop)(Kelly’s Blue)(Sweet Ruby) in some section and two colors in others alternating  which color to start with each section. . Being extra careful not to smear colors into one another, and tri fold tinfoil as to not overlap colors. I started at furthest desired spot away from ends then added each additional desired color.

After waiting about 35-45 min rinse each section out individually if you have any other bleached hair, (and if you have any bleached hair make sure you thoroughly wet it so if any of the color drips onto to bleached hair it won’t absorb the color)… Having rinsed each section thoroughly wash all hair completely and condition. 
Here are the amazing results this morning after curling her hair.. I love the cool neat edgy look it gives to the softer curls. I love bring new looks to the everyday hairstyle!

Here is a picture of Melissa my younger daughter
 with a streak done with the colors as Brianna..

I hope you enjoyed sharing a bit of my day!!!
Happy Crafting, Susan


  1. This is amazing! I did not know that was your profession! Now I really need you near do my hair! I LOVE her curls! I would love to have hair that long and it to hold a curl like that!
    BEAUTIFUL! Great job my friend!

  2. Very Cute Love it. Wish I had hair like that